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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Politics - Conflating Iraq and Vietnam

I didn't think Commander Awol von Bunnypants could surprise me. Ever again. After all, I've watched with horror for over six years as he has led this country into ruin, trampling everything I hold dear in the process. But to compare Iraq to Vietnam? Is he stupid? No, scratch that, we know he's stupid, although he also possesses a certain ratlike cunning. But he doesn't write his own speeches. He pays - we, the taxpayers, pay - to have someone who can string a dozen words into a sentence write something that doesn't sound like it emanated from a brain-dead alcoholic cokeheaded mushmouth. So maybe his speechwriters truly hate him.

For him to conflate Vietnam and Iraq is tantamount to handing everybody who ever served or knew someone who served, and everybody who has the slightest disaffection about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq a big fat sign something like this:

Poster courtesy of TRex at Firedoglake, although I snitched it from Skippy.

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