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Friday, August 17, 2007

Environment - Peru Earthquake Update

Raw story reports that the death toll is rising as more bodies are discovered:
"The toll has jumped to between 500 and 510 dead and 1,600 injured," the head of the country's firefighter service, Roberto Ocno, told AFP from Peru's southern coastal area, struck late Wednesday by a massive tremor.

"There are dead trapped under houses," he said. "There are several bodies in the streets, people who may have died from heart attacks."
And, despite the assurance that there would be no tsunamis, tsunamis have struck coastal villages after all:
Tsunamis flooded fishing villages on the Paracas bay, causing some damage, according to the locals.
The Red Cross has sent two planes loaded with supplies. The UN is mobilizing assistance. Peru's regional neighbours are sending aid, as are other nations around the world, including Italy and France. Firefighters Without Borders and Oxfam are among the groups sending aid.

George W. Bush is sending $100,000. I guess he's cutting the twins' allowance.

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