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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Politics - Kicking Ass and Taking Names

It's really heartening, after nearly six years of protosimian hooting and hollering and shutting down thoughtful debate with howls of "partisanship, treason, lack of patriotism," et cetera ad infinitum ad nauseam, to finally see how much the mood has changed. Here, for instance, chickenhawk Rethuglican Rep Michael Turner of Ohio, who has never seen a day's military service, attempts to impugn the scholarship and analysis of one Lawrence Korb, military analyst at the Center for American Progress. It was very satisfying to watch Korb put the boot in with a calm, detached professionalism that makes the polidiotician look even more of a fool than he had succeeded in portraying himself.

I mean, look at that oily, smarmy, smug face. Wouldn't you just love to whap your dick right across it? Okay, maybe not, you'd probly catch something nasty.

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