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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Bandicoot and Gustav attempt to hypnotize us into providing freshly poured kibble

Well, it appears that the primary bunny-lover at Casa de Los Gatos is ... Gustav! While we were bedslugging this morning (i.e., being slugs in bed, not punching the poor damned mattress), a flurry of activity caught our attention. Noting that Gojira, Bandicoot, and Zingiber were snoring on the sheets, as is their wont, and positing that Madu was spending his usual "night out on the tiles," we opined lazily that it must be Gustav. The noise eventually reached a bed-evacuating crescendo, with nervous kitties actually waking out of their sound sleep to look around, whereupon we followed suit. Only to find Gustav delivering multiple death blows to the white terrycloth bunny. One wonders wherefrom this murderous enthusiasm. But one returns lazily to bed, tea, and newspaper anyway, after some mild words of admonishment. Not that he takes our admonishment to heart. In fact, it's my opinion that the little fucker is utterly deaf to human voices. He only hears cat bandwidth.

And what is with the freshly-poured kibble schtick? He can have mountains of food in multiple bowls, but the minute one pours so much as a single kiblet, he comes running. And turns his nose up, conversely, at kibble that has been sitting a while. Twit. Not that the others are immune to these shenanigans.

We firmly believe that people are regularly breaking into our home of nights and spoiling the little wretches rotten.

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