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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Iraq - How Bush And The Pentagon Support The Troops

And you can do your bit, too! Buy a Suburban Assault Vehicle of your very own! Preferably one that doesn't get more than 8 mpg. Maybe an armour-plated Hummer. You'll need it for those daily drives to Starbux to get your triple-decaf-half-caf-mocha-latte.

The Army, in a stunning show of support for its rank and file, is considering - yep, you guessed it! Extending tours of duty!

Don't that make you feel all warm and supported now? Huh? Don't that make you feel a lot better???

Jeebus fucking J.H. Krist on a pogo stick. I wish I could kick these guys' collective ass into a mound of mush.
Gen. David Petraeus, Iraq war commander, suggested Sunday that conditions on the ground might not be stable enough by September to justify a drop in force levels, and he predicted stabilizing Iraq could take a decade. Earlier this year, Bush ordered the deployment of some 30,000 additional troops as part of a massive U.S.-led security push around Baghdad and the western Anbar province.
How much blood does Commander Poopypants have on his hands by now? He and his Number Two (and I use that term appropriately), the biggest draft dodgers on the planet, have the gall to send other people's families into harm's way. Thank TPTB for James Webb. Getting him elected instead of Macaca George is a great feather in the cap for the netroots and the blogosphere. Webb asks:
"Who was talking for the well being and the health of the soldiers when this requirement was put down?" asked Webb, referring to the 15-month combat tours. After four years of combat, the strategy in Iraq cannot "justify doing this to the soldiers in the Army and the families back here," he said.

Please, for the love of all you hold dear, if you know anyone who is thinking of a career in the military, convince them to wait till this pathetic excuse of an administration has stopped tossing the nation's armed forces into a meatgrinder.

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