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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Health - China Has A Plan Re: Food Contamination

Well, isn't that nice? Nicest of all:
The authorities went some way toward answering widespread public concerns last week, when a former head of the Chinese
Food and Drug Administration was sentenced to death for accepting bribes. Fake antibiotics that his agency had approved killed 10 people.

Though food and agricultural items make up only 4 percent of China's overall exports, three recent scares have focused international attention on the unreliable quality of some Chinese products that have slipped through a weak and often corrupt regulatory system.
Well, OK, the second par isn't that nice, since it essentially translates to "Since it's such a tiny part of our export revenue, you're SOL if you think you have enough leverage to force us to change anything." But the death sentence for "accepting bribes," now, that is one fine thing. Especially since, if we implemented it, we'd essentially rid the country of corrupt politicians and officials, and probably most of the Wrong Wing bozos who have had a chokehold on American politics for the past decade or two.


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