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Saturday, April 14, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

C'mon, even I can't gab endlessly about politics. Especially when it's forcing me to up my Happy Pills dosage regularly.

Image courtesy of Auntie Beeb

Anybody see the movie Dark Habits? Pedro Almodovar is one of my fave directors, and I thoroughly enjoyed that film. Anywho, here's a fellow who wants to give those heroin-dealing nuns a run for their money:
An Italian priest was sentenced Thursday to three and a half years in jail for possessing cocaine with the intention of selling it, according to local media.

The ANSA news agency reported that Father Stefano Ciacca, 44, was arrested last September in possession of half a kilogramme (about a pound) of cocaine with a street value of about half a million euros (675,000 dollars).

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