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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Truth About Pat Tillman

Finally, the truth is coming out about the death of Pat Tillman, who died in a "friendly fire incident" in Afghanistan:
Nine officers, including up to four generals, should be held accountable for missteps in the aftermath of the friendly fire death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan , a Pentagon investigation will recommend.
More details available here. I;d like to see them hold four generals accountable. I really would. But in the meantime, is anybody bothering to look into the possible murder of Pfc LaVena Johnson?

LaVena Johnson and Pat Tillman

Her grieving parents are surely just as entitled as Pat Tillman's parents to an inquiry into the injuries that she suffered shortly before she died. Go sign the petition, dammit. Too much of this crap is happening. No one is being held to account. The time has come to do as Molly Ivins said, bang the pots, beat the drums, make a loud noise, raise a ruckus, till we get some answers.

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