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Sunday, February 18, 2007

News plus a dose of cute

In a heartening post, Robert Dreyfuss of asserts that Shrub The Lesser can lie as much as he wants about Iran and the war on Iraq - now that his Greek chorus of sycophants is mostly gone, he sounds confused, prevaricatious (no, that's not a word, I made it up) and wambly (that might be a word, but it doesn't belong in the upper echelons of wordism).

God endorses intelligent design. How divine!

Bill Donohue of The Catholic League is improperly and unconstitutionally interfering in politics. And right-wing troglodytes like him ought to be prevented from doing so:

Not that left-wing troglodytes should have a free hand, but left-wingers seem to have shed Stalinist notions, mostly.

Cute! Red pandas are SOOOO CUTE!

Red panda

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At 2:53 AM, Blogger Jym said...

=v= Maeve and I saw some Red Pandas at the zoo in Chongqing (then I carried her over to the not-so-red panda for some thrills and chills).


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