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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good Grief

Do you suppose Blue Mountain greeting cards might have an agenda? If you use them to send online greetings, consider switching. Webshots is good.

Here's "Saint John" McCain revealing himself to be one of the crookedest most conniving little reptiles that ever pretended to gift the people with a Straight Talk Express:

In other, better news, Congressmember Henry Waxman shows what means "congressional oversight":

Henry Waxman is now Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and he has already scheduled some very important hearings.

Government is the responsibility of all the governed. If we refuse to take responsibility, how can we expect others to do their bit?

Rep Waxman is going after all the evidence of waste and fraud. He's already devasted Paul "Jerry" Bremer for his pathetic lack of oversight of the waste of billions of dollars in Iraq.

Now he's going after the Bushies' attempt to cover up evidence of climate change.

He turns up evidence that Blackwater, the largest employer of mercenaries, um, "contractors," in Iraq is tightly tied to Halliburton.

Drop him a nice note already.

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