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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogging the Iraq War

I've been so numb about this cesspit of horrors in which the U.S. has found itself mired for the past four years, thanks to Awol McStupidSon. The Walter Reed article broke a dam for me, I think. I knew this Assministration, despite its shameless use of wounded veterans as photo ops, was treating the vets disgracefully, but the extent of the horror that underlies their treacly platitudes is only now becoming apparent.

Eric Massa, who ran for Congress in the 29th district of NY, blogs about the war and the VA at DailyKos. Did you know, according to Eric, that
Veterans receive a pittance upon death that barely allows them to purchase a headstone?
It's bad enough that we expect them to live like vermin, but apparently we let them go to their death like vermin too. What an outrage!

If you can stomach it, the site Iraq Coalition Casualties has all kinds of statistics on this putrescent little war. My hat's off to those people. How can they do this every day?

Jason LeMieux at Iraq Veterans Against the War blogs about the futility of Chimpy McFlightSuit's "surge." It's all been done before and failed before, and throwing more bodies into the meatgrinder at this point to do the same damned stupid thing yet another time can benefit only the bloated egos and wallets of some very, very stupid, evil moral midgets.

The Christian Science Monitor carries a story about vets facing homelessness. What a shame. Thirty out of 100 facing homelessness? We're looking at a crisis down the line.

In a related CSM story, echoes of the Eric Massa post about health care for veterans.

And two years ago, USA Today discussed the enormous number of troops (one-quarter) who are expected to require medical services. No surprise that Bush has been slashing the VA budget ever since this war started. No surprise that the VA is completely unequipped to deal with the problems of these people that Bush sent over there.

Finally, some veterans speak out against the war, in their own words. Read it. And weep.

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