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Monday, February 11, 2008

Overpopulation, Reproduction, And The Preponderance of Stupid

This is why it's a really really bad idea not to use birth control.

We here at La Casa de Los Gatos are convinced that the only way to save women from the fate of Amelia Sookdeo, whose boyfriend set her on fire when she said she was pregnant with his child, is to give them access to birth control, information, education, jobs, and plenty of reason to establish their independence. Hopefully this will curtail their desire to breed thoughtlessly, a desire that is killing our planet.

We can understand people wanting to have a child. We can even understand people wanting to have two children. But when, like Tom Lantos' two daughters, you have 8-9 children each, you have, as The Old Man says, fucked yourself out of the right to sit at the dinner table.

And when you don't give young women access to birth control and information to teach them why they need to use it judiciously, you have a Nixzmary Brown case.

And when you don't teach young girls and women that their value is not primarily derived from their reproductive capacity, you have an Amelia Sookdeo.

The most horrible thing about this is, she wasn't pregnant. She lied to her boyfriend and convinced him that she was. So he set her on fire and burned her to death. He's on trial for his life now, the schmuck. She was only seventeen years old.

Girls? Telling your boyfriend that you think you're pregnant and he's the daddy is not always the best option. If you're seventeen, you can't afford to have a baby. Especially if the babydaddy decides he wants no part of it. You can't work a fulltime job (which you'll need to do because at that age, your skills will only get you low-paid work) and raise a child. Why? Because the cost of childcare will eat up your entire salary.

You can't count on anyone else to raise your child for you. You have no idea whether your parents (however willing they may be) have the physical and mental capacity to raise a young child. Besides, they already served their time raising you. Why the hell should you expect them to provide free childcare to your kid? You have no idea whether the babydaddy will want to pay one penny towards child support. And if he doesn't, he might want to kill you rather than have his wages garnisheed for the next 18 years.

You have no idea whether your childcare provider, if you can find and afford one, is a child sexual predator or has a child sexual predator sharing their home.

And finally, you can't afford to give your kid a decent environment - reasonably affordable yet safe housing, nutritious meals, decent clothes, good schools - hell, these days you can't even gamble on the air, water, food, and baby products you use.

So if you can't keep your legs together (and realistically, who wants to?) be sure to use birth control. Use two or three methods. Go for redundancy. Be extra careful.

And finally, be sure the guy is NOT a psycho before you commit to him. No matter how "in luv" you are, you'll get over it if you need to.

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