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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Or for the other inhabitants of La Casa de Los Gatos. Strenuous snoozing (if there is such a thing) by All And Sundry. Feet poking into noses, nipping of tails, pinning down of hoominz who might want a little less bed-crowdment. Also, paws in the face and eyes.

Hope y'all had a great time at the Rally for Sanity And/Or Fear today, those of you who went. Best estimates are that the crowd was over 250,000. Yay from all of us who couldn't (snivel) go. Looks like a Good Time was had by all.

Rainy weather here, now, at last. Maybe the ground will be soft and moist enough to be worked by Tuesday. If all goes well, the resident gimps are hiking tomorrow, hopefully in some wonderfully piny park.

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