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Friday, December 11, 2009

Human Rights: Why Reproduction Should Be

A Licensed Activity. Alternative title: Vagina — It's NOT A Clown Car.

Poster Girl for the Clown Car Veejayjay Award, Michelle Duggar, just popped her 19th sprog — three months early. If you know anything about these revolting wastes of skin, you'll know that Michelle and her husband Jim-Bob are part of the "quiverfull" movement, i.e., they fuck like bunnies without thought or planning and then go all "How'd That Happen? when preggers. HTH, as it is called in the common parlance, works as an excuse for not knowing what causes pregnancy if you're a teenage girl or boy, preferably home-schooled by frighteningly ignorant and tight-arsed ninnyhammers.

But after you've popped 1.5 dozen sprog, girlfriend, it is so fucking past time to get a clue. Even uptight Roman Catholics know how to count the number of days between one period and the next so the woman does not get pregnant. And in many parts of the world (including, incidentally, among Christian teens in the USA), couples opt for anal sex so they won't be greeted with yet another "blessing" in the form of a screaming, spewing, pissing, pooping bundle of, er, "joy."

These two seem to be bound and determined to populate their whole town with their offspring.

Incidentally, their oldest, at 21, has already popped a sprog of his own. Goodness only knows if any of the other Duggarlets are baking buns in their ovens (or their wives' ovens, although most of the boys seem a little young to be spawning as a source of entertainment, unlike their parents).

The sprog is three months early. In other words, gestation is around 24-26 weeks. At that age, a sprog is pretty unformed. This particular unbaked bun can look forward to a lifetime of health problems — at the taxpayers' expense, of course.

You see, Jim-Bob and Michelle are religious. They have therefore declared their home a "church," and pay no taxes. Presumably their congregants are those they spawn themselves. Jim-Bob used to be a state legislator in Arkansas, which is probly the only state that want a hardcore breeder like him representing them. Even Texas had the good common sense to give "Rusty" Yates the hairy eyeball for treating his wife like a brood sow. (I don't know why that miserable walking spermatozoon got the nick of Rusty, cos it sure wasn't his dingdong that was rusting.)

The couple makes their living owning, managing, and selling property. One can only hope that the downturn in the real-estate market will put them out of business. At least the babymaking business. When you have a kid that's younger than your grandkid, there's something seriously wrong with your life.

Fortunately MOO-my had pre-eclampsia, and gallstones, which may put paid to her life of breeding. Although the poor kid suffers the most. At less than 37 weeks' gestation (but more than 28 weeks), a premature infant has a ten per cent chance of death. This loaf is even younger. Its chances are, to put it mildly, not good.

Assuming it gets through the "survival" part of the obstacle course, Duggar 19 can look forward to:

* Anemia
* Bleeding into the brain (intraventricular hemorrhage of the newborn)
* Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)
* Cognitive or motor disability or delay
* Delayed growth and development
* Infection or neonatal sepsis
* Heart disease
* Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
* Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
* Newborn jaundice
* Retinopathy and vision loss or blindness
* Severe intestinal inflammation (necrotizing enterocolitis)

Gee, sounds like fun. Not. And why is this poor kid sentenced to this hideous mess? Because these two dim bulbs, its parents, don't know how to use birth control. Or don't want to. Same thing.

Another sad-making factor: This woman is getting less than 2 years' rest in between pregnancies, which is the minimum time the human body needs to recover from such a stressful event, according to obstetricians. Pre-eclampsia is not a good sign, and neither are gallstones. And if she dies as a result of all this babymaking, Jim-Bob, just like "Rusty" Yates, will find a new, younger broodmare and continue breeding his army of Xtian soldiers, won't he?

These people disgust me.

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