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Thursday, November 27, 2008

For Your Thanksgiving ... Enjoyment?

Not sure quite how to categorize this. It's like the arack someone once gave me. The glass was the size of a thimble. Being used to drinking wine in glasses large enough to empty half a bottle, I scoffed at the tiny vessel. I should have known something was up when everyone else at the table guffawed out loud with a definite lack of couth.

The upshot of that experience was that when people give you something in tiny quantities you should ingest it in tiny quantities. Also not flap your gob about how the quantities might be too tiny. At least not until after you've shot some portion of it out your nose.

On that note, Slate Magazine gives us TWELVE FUCKING PAGES FOR CRISAKE of Gee Dumbya's witlessisms. In very tiny doses. Please to seize a glass of teh holiday spirits for imbibement while perusing these. Also please to distract yourself periodically, as attempting to read or view more than half a page at a time will cause your brain to suffer a serious fracture with reality or the capacity for rational thought.

From Blue Gal's fine blog

Further, sudden-creeping-paranoid notion: Could the Gee Dumbya style of speech have been invented in a laboratory to cause brain-sprain among the masses?

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