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Monday, November 03, 2008

2008 Elections: What It Is

One last post before La Casa de Los Gatos curls up in front of the DVD player. The excitement is killing us. Hopefully around 10 pm tomorrow we can say the words "President Obama" with millions of our countrymen who will be joining in the celebration. Record turnout everywhere, an audience of 85,000 in North Carolina tonight, anticipation in the air that one can almost taste. Stock up on the champers or the beer, kittens, you'll need it. Karl Rove, Satan's favourite buttplug, is calling a landslide electoral college victory for Barack.

So we leave you with these words:

We the People

We the people hand in hand
We the people understand
That there's an answer, there's a way
We the people have to say

So send the orders to prepare
That we the people do declare
Send the good news, send the word
We the people will be heard
We the people everywhere

There's a message in the air
And its moving cross the land
If you listen you can hear it well my friend
We know the time has come
To take our heads out of the sand
'Cos if we don't the chance might never come again
The future is in reason, not in building ways of war
And the time has come for reason to be heard
The purpose of the people's what this declaration's for
And that's why our fathers told us word for word

We won't accept excuses and we won't accept the lies
Of those who lead our nations into hell
It's time to call their bluff,
To say to them enough's enough
It's time we all could hear the tolling of the bell
It's time to feed the hungry, it's time to heal the pain
And it's time to beat our weapons into ploughs
It's time to hear the voices that have risen once again
It's the wisdom of the people clear and loud
Singing proud

We The People by Barleycorn

No slacking off now. If you forgot or put off mailing in your ballot, walk it in tomorrow morning. Don't put it off! If you're voting in person, take your iPod, a book, water, an umbrella or cap or hat depending on the weather. You might need a warm coat or scarf. See if you can carpool or go with friends or relatives. But for the love of all you ever held dear, VOTE!

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At 9:31 AM, Blogger sgtg said...

the sgtg family just voted. sgtg, mr. sgtg, and 18 year old daughter sgtg. it was grand! the lines weren't as long as i'd hoped, but they were longer than we'd ever seen in 20 years of voting in our very mixed race town in our very blue state of california. i just want a landslide - that's all - just a landslide. and props 4 and 8 to go down in flames of course.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Yay, sgtgs!

Today we post your Prop. 8 petition. Yah, that harshed our mellow, too.


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