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Monday, November 03, 2008

2008 Elections: The Right Temperament

No sooner had we posted something in honor of Barack Obama's wonderful grandmother when a fellow Digger posted a link to this clip:

Poor man. He lost his father while still a baby, then lost him again to death while young; then he lost his mother to cancer. Not too long after that, he lost his beloved grandfather. Now he's lost the last relative of the older generation, his beloved grandmother, Toot. His grandparents on both sides, dead. His parents, dead. And he's still so young.

Our respect for this man grows every day. Despite this deeply felt blow at this inopportune time, he was back on the stump today. And though he shed tears for his grandmother, publicly, unashamedly, not for a minute did his voice waver. He did not ask for sympathy or to be excused from the burden he took upon himself. When our Gran died, we were upset for weeks. When Mum died, despite our terrible decades-long acrimonious relationship, we suffered. Couldn't sleep, puzzled by the grief and mourning.

Tomorrow, perhaps, he'll be able to turn to his wife, his steadfast companion and dearest love, for the comfort he needs. Today, for the first time in this two-year-long campaign, he looked old, and tired, and bereft.

Bring it home tomorrow, people. For Barack and for Toot and for a better tomorrow. For change, the change we so desperately need.

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