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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stroll Through The Blogroll

Graphics credit Skippy, concept credits Skippy and Jon Swift

A stroll through our blogroll takes lots of time and energy, as we usually try to read everything we plan to link to carefully. Lately, it's been difficult to be careful, as we're chock full of nice, dozy pain meds which make us see cats in hats climbing wires up to the balcony. (??) However, we did manage to get this long-awaited task done today, so join us for a stroll, won't you please?

  • Swanksalot at B12 Solipsism offers a few interesting bookmarks for your reading pleasure.

  • Buck Batard at Bad Attitudes notes the recent conservative reaction to Sarah Failin as exemplified by Kathleen Parker.

  • NEW The Saint at Blue Tidal Wave may temporarily disappoint us with the news that Gonezales is not facing a prison term for his shenanigans, but soon cheers us up with the heartening news that Karl Rove, at least, is looking at criminal charges.

  • NEW Brown Man at Brown Man Thinking Hard is a wonderful new discovery for our little corner of blogtopia, and we choose to announce his existence with this great post on racial comity.

  • Ron at CenterFace calls Oldy McMoldy on his "earmark" crap and eviscerates his debate performance. Yes!

  • Dyre42 over at Dyre Portents has an action item for those of you who feel strongly about giving medical care and training to those who need it.

  • The Station Agent over at Ice Station Tango rips Condi Rice a few needed apertures based on her lying weaselly performance over the past eight years and her long-delayed admission of this Misadministration's role in torture.

  • Man Eegee at Latino Politico speaks to voters in Arizona. Gracias, Manuel!

  • Miss Welby posts about Italian artists and art.

  • Nelson, over at NGBlog, has a few things to say about local legislation on gay rights.

  • NEW Patriot Missive has a few things to say about the Veep debate.

  • Seventh Sister over at Shimoda's Dream has some nice pictures on the anti-Palin rally in Alaska, and some biting commentary to boot. Check out the more recent post on fine al-fresco dining. Bitch wine? We're there.

  • Abel Pharmboy has a very nice post for the chemistry-oriented, chocolate-oriented, and plain old consumer-goods-contamination-worrywarts over at Terra Sigillata. Pls to read.

  • Pauline, over at West Africa Wins Always, announces the festivities that mark the end of Ramadan and posts her usual beautiful pictures for all to see.

  • Welcome back to our friend Jassalasca Jape, who disappeared as a result of Firefox updating itself and wiping out all our former bookmarks!

  • Judge Chief Charly Hoarse, over at Zippidy Doo Da, mocks the Republican solution to the financial problems created by the Republicans, and offers a far better option instead.

  • As always, we'd like to call attention to the sterling work done by Black and Missing but Not Forgotten;

  • We remind you that Pretty Bird Woman House offers sanctuary to Native American women victims of domestic violence and often has action items in which they could use your help;

  • And we'd like to remind you to visit School For The Girls, where Rebecca, always ingenious, has come up with a great new way to help further women's rights in Kenya. Someday, Rebecca will be a great and famous leader in her nation and in the world, and you'll be able to say you knew her when.
La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your kind attention. Come back soon, and if you have anything to tell us, you know where the comments are.

To all our Muslim friends, best wishes for the end of the fasting for Ramadan, and let the feasting begin! To all our Hindu friends, Diwali is around the corner. May you live in the blessed state of light, which banishes darkness and ignorance. Whatever your belief, faith, religion, may good things comfort you in these troubled times. Don't forget to check your voter registration and urge your family and friends to do the same. Come November 4, vote! And hopefully, your vote will be for Barack Obama.

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At 1:00 AM, Blogger The Station Agent said...

There is much power in your blogroll. Thanks so much for the link. It's nice to be in such fine company.


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