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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Economy: Baron von Moneypants

Everybody's already written about the current economic meltdown and we're so torn between rage and despair that we really have nothing constructive to add. So we turn to humour and who better than Master o'Satire Jon Stewart to actually let you laugh as the world around us turns to shit:

The CEO president. What a fuckin' joke that worthless proto-hominid is. And he looks like flop sweat right now, don't he?

As for Paulson, isn't it cute that after multi-billion dollar bailouts over the past few months, he has the unmitigated fucking GALL to ask for a blank check WITH ABSOLUTELY NO OVERSIGHT? Neither the representatives of the people designated by the legislative arm nor the protectors of the people's interest designated by the judicial arm have any right to question or review Baron von Moneypants' decisions?

This executive fiat shit has gone far enough. We the People say, "Go fuck yourself, Henry Paulson, and take Goldman Sachs with you."

Incidentally, guess who's at the top of the bailout list to be funded by the taxpayers' blank check? No, really, guess.

Would it help if we whispered the clue "Henry Paulson is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs"?

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