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Friday, September 26, 2008

Another short thought after watch'n the debates

McCain needs enemies. McCain wants enemies. He'll lie, cheat and steal to get enemies. He see's enemies behind every corner, and in and under every rock, nook and cranny. McCain has no reason to exist without enemies. And if he can't find 'em, he'll make 'em.

I did not like the aggressive stance Obama took with Iran and Russia in the debates. Maybe he was doing that to avoid being painted as weak on defense and security by a lying, cheating McCain. I hope Obama as president, will follow instead with diplomacy, not threats.

McCain and the repiglicans on the other hand simply cannot get along with anyone. If you have to fight a war, then you have to fight a war. McCain is looking for war. Any war.

Imagine for a moment, the Cuban Missle crisis of October 1962. I was ten years old then and I remember the fear I had at the time of potential nuclear war. If McCain had been President, I guarantee you we would have had nuclear war and we'd all be dead. Fortunately we had a cooler, thoughtful, intelligent man as president instead. I think Obama would be more like that thoughtful John F. Kennedy and far more likely to avoid needless war.

If McCain wins people, you might as well sign over your kids as canon fodder and probably yourselves too. We'll all be toast anyway.

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At 12:17 AM, Blogger Demeur said...

I noticed that Russia is making deals with Chavez and has started on a missile defense program of their own now that we have missiles in Poland. Great now we have the start of the another Cold War.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

We said as much when this crap with Georgia and South Ossetia was going down. We said if we rush to meddle in other people's backyards, we won't have a leg to stand on if they decide to return the favour.

How many hundred years of diplomacy, skullduggery, murder, assassination, and multibillion dollar payouts did it take to create a South/Central America that was pro-US or at worst neutral?

In less than eight years Idiotsky McStupidSon has created a domino effect in every country south of our border, which is OK on one level - it's time we quit being imperialists and global policeschmucks - but there's a distinct air of resentment against the US that is not in the least reassuring. What a dumb fuck. And now we have someone worse than him as a possibility for the WH.


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