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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

B.A.D. Stroll Through Teh Blogroll

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Recent weeks have found La Casa de Los Gatos working furiously to prepare a first draft of a murder mystery. Sadly, this has meant ignoring our wonderful blogroll, and thank you fellow bloggers for pointing this out.

So we're doing a quick stroll through the blogroll today to bring you some choice tidbits. It takes time because we feel obliged to read what people say before linking to them, having been roundly thwacked for linking approvingly, once, to a post that some interpreted as misogynistic. For which, Apostate, we publicly apologize.

At any event, what doings, fellow-bloggers? Let's see:

  • Over at 13 Martyrs, Rob has so many good posts about various things we've been peripherally following but too busy to blog about: Jeremiah Wright, Israel, Disneyland-in-Baghdad,immigrant labour in Saudi. It is to thoroughly enjoy, in a mind-expanding sort of way, sorry, we can't single out one of these excellent posts. Just read them all to learn more about these various topics and a part of the world you may never visit or otherwise get to know.

  • Richard Blair, over at All Spin Zone, has a wonderful post up on Cyclone Nargis which may have claimed 25,000 or so lives in Burma. He does an excellent job of chronicling the disaster, including linking to NGOs that are trying to assist the devastated Burmese people. A million curses on their military dictators, may they only suffer jungle rot of their naughty bits unto death. ASZ is also doing a fundraiser, so if you have the wherewithal, you might consider support.

  • Over at B12 Solipsism, Sir Swanksalot covers &mdash or uncovers &mdash Indiana, highlighting a certain Indiana Republican that we longed to hold up to ridicule. Blame the exigencies of creative writing for our lapse, and kudos to Sir S. for nailing the sod.

  • We admit it: as much as we strive to cover misogyny worldwide, there are some stories we simply can't bear to discuss because the level of despair they create in us is more than our psych meds can handle. So we give kudos to fellow-blogger mattbastard for this blistering post on the revolting misogyny in the Congo and the indifference of the world to the plight of Congolese women.

  • Blogger ConnecticutMan1 over at Drinking Liberally in New Milford brings us some good news for a change about the mortgage crisis. As one of its early victims, he's had a tough time. It really puts a big knot in our shorts that we send people out to die based on lies and turn our faces away when they're underpaid, overworked, cheated, shortchanged, fucked over, and kicked in the nuts. Somebody find McCain's shriveled pair and tie a knot around them till he agrees to sign the updated GI Bill? Congrats Stephen, aka ConnecticutMan1, and best wishes to you and your family!

  • TheStationAgent over at Ice Station Tango directs us to The Young Turks' compilation of fundie nutbag Pastor Hagee/John McCain's greatest hits. Thanks, fella!

  • Good grief. Sungold, over at Kittywampus, gives us a much-needed earful about schmucks and sexual harrassment in Ohio politics.

  • DJ, over at the s.n.a.f.u. principle, posts a commemorative Mission Accomplished Gee Dumbya excoriation that is a delight to read.

  • Speaking of the mortgage crisis, Emily1 over at wAitiNG foR doROthY has a brilliant solution to all those deserted, foreclosed homes that should reduce the crime rate as well.
This has been your stroll through our blogroll. La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention!

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