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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Economy: The Big Bailout

The weathertwit predicts a thunderstorm.

We're going to cook right through it. Hell with alla y'all idiot politicians and hypocritical weeping financiers right now. We're making some lovely pork and spinach, and some CHEEZBRGRS, dammit.

Note to our readers: don't fall for that "Fed needs to keep Bear Sterns going" shit. Bear Sterns are a bunch of brass-knuckled thugs who have aggressively pushed subprime mortgages so their shareholders could rake in the big bucks. While you worked without a decent raise that could keep pace with inflation for the past seven years, those assholes were buying second and third homes and multiple cars, and getting bigger and bigger tax cuts. While you cashed out your home equity to pay your medical bills and your kids' college tuition, those mofos were holidaying in Switzerland and Rio.

Now they want you to add the cost of bailing them out to the debts you're already paying for Georgie's Little War and all the other shit you borrowed. Give Ben Bernanke the rigid digit when he proposes further bailouts. Shoot, get up out of your lounger and do something. March on the White House! Call your Congresscritter! Write your local paper, call in to your local TV station, something, anything.

The party's over, peoples. Here comes the bill. And to you, Alan Greenspan, George W., Ben Bernanke, Dick "Yes! You're a DICK!" Cheney, here's what America has to say to you.

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At 7:25 PM, Blogger Ms. Manitoba said...

I was just thinking today ... deja vu all over again ... Savings and Loan bailout.

Oh, yeah, we're rabidly against socialism ... especially when it comes to health care ... but boy, we LOVE IT when it comes to those high flying financiers!

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Distributorcap said...

this will make the S&L bailout look like a flea market garage sale...

the bill has come due --- even if bush wanted to bail them all out (which he does) -- he couldnt. the administration and the MSM both refuse the acknowledge that a $12 billion/month abyss in Iraq combined with disasterous economic and governmental policies over the past 7 years has made this country a giant Hooverville


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