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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Democracy in Action in Berkeley ...

Now this is one of those times when I say: Goddess bless America! This is when I can truly say "I love the U.S. of A" and "I'm proud of the U.S. of A" ... true democracy in action. I love it that folks rode their motocycles into Berkeley to show their support for the Marines.

Although, I do think some of them stole some style from the Dykes on Bikes -- the guy flying a big ole U.S. flag on the back of his bike, for example. It reminds me of the dykes that fly the big ole rainbow flag on the back of their bikes in the annual San Francisco LesBiGayTransQ Parade. [Q=questioning, and really, be honest ... shouldn't all of us be in that category? We're all evolving, aren't we?]

Anyway, I am a proud anti-war peacenik ... very anti-war. But I am so glad these folks -- organized by Eagles Us -- did this today.

Today, I am happy to be in the U.S. of A.

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