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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Would waterboarding be torture if it was done to you?

That’s the question Senator Edward Kennedy, bless him, asked United States Attorney General, Michael Mukasey.

Mukasey’s answer?
“I would feel that it was.”

Is he going to do anything about it?


And there’s all kinds of debate in web sites and blogs about this. Summary of it is this: He says that other folks, equally intelligent and thoughtful, have said that in certain circumstances they do not believe that is it torture. And, further, it is a practice under the umbrella of classified information. And, if the senators (Leahy too) want to abolish it, why don’t they gather the support in the Senate and create a law against it. And ... more ... if the citizens are really against it, they should petition their federal representatives to do something about it.

So, I ask you: Would waterboarding be torture if it was done to you?

If you think yes, please contact your Senator and ask them to create a law against this.


Here's where you can find out about your senators.

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At 8:38 AM, Blogger Friend of TPC said...

I saw waterboard Mukasey so he can find out firsthand. And then waterboard him again, and then again, and again, and again and yet again. Waterboard him in the morning. Waterboard him at noon. Waterboard him again when the sun goes down. Then we'll see how long it takes him to realize its torture, the creep.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Friend of TPC said...

Typo alert. I meant to say "I say waterboard Mukasey ..." but then you probably already figured that out.


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