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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

McClellan: Bush and Company lied

The San Francisco Chronicle is picking up a story from the Associated Press about former White House press secretary Scott McClellan finally coming clean about the Bush Administration's involvement with the Valerie Plame leak.

Folks, leaking this kind of info used to be considered treason. And we thought Reagan was the teflon president! But when I stop and think WHY? ... why do things slide off these Republican presidents? The answer I always come up with is that so many of the Democrats high up must be dirty too ... so they don't push.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from the article:
Former Aide Blames Bush for Leak Deceit

By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer
Associated Press is reporting that

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

(11-21) 01:20 PST WASHINGTON, (AP) --

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan blames President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for efforts to mislead the public about the role of White House aides in leaking the identity of a CIA operative.

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, McClellan recounts the 2003 news conference in which he told reporters that aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby were "not involved" in the leak involving operative Valerie Plame.

"There was one problem. It was not true," McClellan writes, according to a brief excerpt released Tuesday. "I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff and the president himself."
It's amazing how many lies these politicians can get away with.

How can we turn our beloved country around? We've got to. And soon.

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At 7:56 AM, Blogger ryanshaunkelly said...

Have you seen the Gravel alt debate vid?

Colbert gravel kucinich paul nader perot carter [conyers?rangel?] united for truth elicit fear smear blacklist.

The people know too much,
democracy rising democracy now.
Rage against the machine.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts.

No more extortion blackmail bribery division.
Divided we fall.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Wow, you have a way with words.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger ryanshaunkelly said...

(thnx. msm sees danger. chow chow chow)


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