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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Politics - Hey, Congress, How About Censuring Cafferty?

Nancy? Nancy Pelosi? Are you out there? John Boner? C'mon, let's see you pressure Cafferty into shutting up. After all, look at the incivil things he's saying!
"No money for kids' health insurance, no money to help poor families pay their heating bills but President Bush wants $190 billion additional for 2008 for his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," CNN commentator Jack Cafferty said Monday. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the president's new request means the cost of Iraq war is now approaching $650 billion. I wonder if the Democrats will give him the money."
And here's someone else you can go after:
"Parents know that children can freeze to death more quickly than they starve to death, and so most decrease food purchases first to pay for heat," wrote Dr. Deborah A. Frank, director of the Grow Clinic for Children, and Joseph P. Kennedy II, chairman and president of Citizens Energy Corp., in the Boston Globe Sunday.
This is what we've come to. We can't afford to rebuild New Orleans, or fix our rotting bridges and highways. We can't afford to give health care to poor or working-class sick children. We can't afford to give poor families enough to heat their homes so their kids stay warm and healthy.

But we can afford to spend billions of dollars bombing and killing other children, and women, and old people, and sick people, and oh, lucky us, we appear to have killed two more insurgents as well. You bunch of bloodsucking beasts in Congress better tell Caligula II that he is not getting his pet war funded this year.

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