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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Death Penalty: Two executions delayed

graphic from the Events website at Stanford University

Because the Supreme Court will be ruling whether lethal injections are cruel and unusual punishment ... or not, two executions have been delayed:
  • In Texas, the execution for Carlton Turner Jr. has been delayed.
  • In Alabama, attorneys for Tommy Arthur are sought and won a stay of his execution not only because of the high court's plans, but because Gov. Bob Riley decided Wednesday to change the state's lethal injection procedures.

And my friend Pat writes about the lethal injection in California - there are two upcoming dates:
  • November 19th - Judge Fogel, the federal judge that put executions on hold in California will be touring the new death chamber at San Quentin. There will be a protest and press conference there.
  • On December 10th at the Federal Court in San Jose (Judge Fogel's court) he will hold the hearing for the State of California to present their revised "Protocol 770" which is the three drug cocktail that the state uses to murder people.

Judge Fogel has stated that it is okay if there is pain to the prisoner in an execution, but the pain can not be "excessive" - because excessive pain is cruel and unusual punishment.


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