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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Consumer Alert - Contamination


I hate to brag - OK, I like to brag - but can it be that AFP has only just reported that Target stores is instituting a recall of "Happy Giddy Gardening Tools" and "Sunny Patch Children's Chairs," when ye worthy blog announced that fact lo, these many weeks ago?

In any event, if you have any of these toys lying aboot where the sproggen can get at them and destroy their tender braincells, hie thee to the nearest telephone and let Target know your concerns.

Also, contact the organizations indicated in this post. It's fairly obvious that the Bushies have grievously underfunded the organizations that are supposed to ensure the lives and health of your children, and if you don't protect them, who the hell will? Not the Republicans, that's for sure. They're too busy "supporting the troops" and "supporting 'family values'" to be concerned with real lives of actual people. Sheesh!

UPDATE: Obviously, when contacting the organizations indicated in the linked post that urges you to engage in a little old-fashioned consumer activism, you would substitute your State health department for the one indicated therein. Also, you should let Target know, by mail, fax, and phone, of your concerns. It doesn't hurt to write a letter to the editor of your local birdcage liner, either. There's way too much ignoring of these serious issues going on.

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