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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Religion - The Sins Of The Fathers

Photo courtesy of Aunt Beeb

are many and visited, as a rule, upon the heads of the defenseless. Why is religion such a force for evil rather than good? Because we have minds and wills of our own, and religion indoctrinates us into putting our minds and wills under the control of others, in return for the comfort of never having to struggle with hard questions or make our way across the minefields of moral turpitude that are daily life. If you give up your free will to some godbag who tells you how to think and what to think, then you never have to experience the daily struggle against despair and darkness. God, after all, the godbag assures you, Died For Your Sins, therefore even if your life sucketh most mightily, after you die, you'll get a nice clean robe which will never have to be laundered, and you'll sit at the Right Hand Of God. Or have seventy-two virgins. Or red leather Pradas, for free.

Meanwhile, the godbag can molest your children without fear of discovery. And once again, I ask in disgust, what kind of evil hypocrite preys upon defenseless children? FWIW, I'd be equally incensed if the victims were defenseless elderly people, or disabled people. The issue is the helplessness of the victim, not their age, or other status.

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