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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yes, we finally finished our damn book review. Ignore the timestamp that assures you it all happened at 9 pm on yestereve. That's when we started on The Damned Thing. At 1 am, various family members complained that their beauty sleep was being disturbed. Who knew cats need beauty sleep? We always thought they were mighty fetching as is. That is to say, it's not that they fetch anything so much as their charm and general aesthetically pleasing appearance fetches hordes of admirers.

Someday we'll teach them to put their fucking toys away.

In any event, we finally finished, half an hour ago, the review. Read a few books this past month. Check it out here. Reviews, links, all kinds other good stuff. Like Ms. M sez, maybe you'd care to add a book or two to YOUR reading list.

PS: Please encourage us. And anyone else you know. We've got to finish reading our huge stacks of materials, really.

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