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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LGBTQ: YouTube and Homophobia

Casa de Los Gatos is an inclusive casa. We welcome and love our gay friends, our lesbian friends, our TS/TG, bi, queer friends of every stripe. And we love them all, because each of them is &mdash along with the other 6+ BILLION FUCKING PEOPLE on this planet &mdash a unique individual who brings their very own and very special combination of qualities for the delectation of this planet and its inhabitants.

And then there's the people who bash our LGBTQ community for being what we are. The gay bashers, the gay haters, the homophobes, the ones so deep in the fucking closet, they're pooping hangers. Those people we don't love. Those people we would like to part the hair of with the Golden Bat o'Clue, a Casa de Los Gatos tool for dealing with brains stuck on hate.

We've been harrassed and hated on for appearing a certain way, and we know damned well that you don't have to be different, you just have to hit the radar of some fucking creep who thinks you're different.

So we thought we ought to highlight NGblog's little clip of Chris Crocker (yeah, the "crazy BritneySpears fan," so what?) talking about homophobia on YouTube.

And we join with Chris to say, a hearty FUCK YOU to all you haters out there. Just go Cheney yourselves, you miserable myrmidons of Mephitica.

YouTube is gonna be hearing from us. And all los gatos at mi casa sincerely hope they'll be hearing from you too. Because homophobia is not just about freedom of speech. It often degenerates into verbal assault, threats of personal harm, and ultimately, bashing. And the number of hate crimes is rising since the advent of teh Antichrist Chimperor.

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