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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LGBTQ Rights: Stupidity Epidemic

Not the puppy in question!

We're pleased to announce that the courts in Stockholm will fine the terminally stupid. Like this moron, Anette Sjoeholm, who is clearly too stupid to live, because she refused to sell a puppy to a lesbian on the grounds that "transvestites abuse animals."

Someone needs to sit the dumbass down with a dictionary and have her look up "lesbian" and "transvestite." Then someone needs to smack both her cheeks till her head spins.

Casa de Los Gatos is very pleased that she got hit with a hefty fine.
Stockholm's appeals court on Monday found a kennel owner who had refused to sell a puppy to a lesbian woman guilty of discrimination, slapping her with a 20,000-kronor (2,300-euro, 3,100-dollar) fine.
But here's what we'd rather hit her with.

A parting of the hair with the Golden Bat o'Clue, Ms. Sjoeholm. Long may your solitary brain cell tingle!

Geez. How dumb can you get without forgetting to breathe, we'd like to know?

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