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Saturday, July 02, 2011


Of a long weekend, no less!

Happy Fourth of July, all. Enjoy lying back, relaxing, resting, hanging with family and friends.

This feline is crawling into the overgrown garden for yet another valiant battle with the goddamn weeds. They're taller than me right now (OK, so I'm height-impaired, let's get THAT out of the way shall we, and quit the snickering?), especially the dog-fennel, and the buddleia has dead branches that could prove to be a fire hazard. Wish I had rappelling gear to make me feel secure on those slopes, but them's the breaks.

Missing our Zingiber more than ever, on these warm summer days when he would walk through the tall weeds, his eyes the same perfect shade of green, the giant whipping plume of his tail marking his passage through the overgrown garden. His quiet cat-smiles (that slow, lazy blink of the magnificent orbs) at all the other small life.

I never saw Zingiber kill anything, not even a fly. Poor sweet silly feline, gone and so sorely missed.

For all you other cat-lovers, here's a thoroughly enjoyable video:

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At 5:48 PM, Blogger sgtg said...

oh dear zingy, i miss you too. and miss my reggie boy terribly.


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