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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monsters of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Frightening Announcement of the Day: Dick "dickless" Cheney is negotiating a book deal. Is that scary, or what? To think that this asshole, who has profited by war and death, treason, war crimes, profiteering, and outright lies, is angling to be paid money to lie yet again, on paper.

Of course, the Huffington Post, which carried a link to the story, censors any comments against Bushes, I can't help wondering why. In the event, I found a comment by some idiot that must be reproduced to be believed:
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The book will be a monster bestseller. The New York Times will hate having the book on its best seller list. Contrary to what the War Inc. conspiracy theorists believe, it will illuminate the facts and rub the truth into the faces of the Bush Derangement Syndrome people (MSM, Democrat extremists, indoctrinated doofuses.) Of course, flaming progressive ideologues will reject every word, and MSM and Democratic party operatives will take things out of context in order to further fool the fools who follow them.

Hint: Guilty people shut up, unless they're crazy like Drew Peterson. People who have nothing to hide write tomes explaining everything. Sorry, but if Cheney et al had committed crimes of any kind, the matter would have been resolved years ago. But it's fun to watch wackos like Lawrence O'Donnell and Keith Olbermann lather up with their insane reactions to things like this.
One barely knows where to begin to respond to this level of idiocy. It is sad and frightening that people this deluded nevertheless have the capacity to breathe without assistance. Is this person stupid? Ignorant? (Well, apparently.) Incredibly self-deluded? Is there a cure?

In the event, the stupid motherfucker functioned as inspiration, allowing me to remove some of the bile that would otherwise have accumulated in my system and done me ill.
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Monster bestseller: how apt. A bestseller about a monster. Of course, the "bestseller" figures will be fudged by the Regnery Foundation and other rightwingnuttia millionaires buying millions of copies, which they will then dispose of by offering them "free" with subscriptions to various magazines and athlete's foot remedies. Just like MAnn Coulter's literary (??) offerings, available the day after release for $2.97 or less at your local fishwrap dealer.

Cheney *has* committed crimes. Lying your country into an unnecessary war that brings you, personally, millions in profits through no-bid contracts is called "treason" and "war profiteering." We don't even have to discuss the magnitude of war crimes involved, the doctoring of evidence, the million dead many of them women, children, the disabled and elderly. Five million refugees would put Mr. Cheney right up there with the great monsters of the 20th century whose names would invoke Godwin's Law, and who are too well-known to require introduction.
Note that Huffpo insists on censoring so mild a comment. They should only know what I really say in the privacy of my own home.

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At 11:06 PM, Blogger nunya said...

it was mild, it's certainly nicer than what I say about Darth.


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