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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fake News My Ass!

For a fake news program, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show sure ripped Jim Cramer a new one! Have you been following the back and forth battle this week? Did you see the interview Jon did with Jim Cramer this evening. Jon used the whole show to rip into Jim Cramer in person, CNBC, and the whole financial infotainment crap news media that have hyped horrible investments and played craps with peoples' 401k's while failing to do the real investigations they should have been doing. Jon did not give an inch and he made it uncomfortably clear to Jim Cramer how he and the whole financial "news" media have hurt people. Oh man! I just had to clap and cheer. I gather Comedy Central will put up the whole interview on the website but I don't see it yet. Watch out for it. Its GREAT!

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At 11:52 PM, Blogger Demeur said...

I saw Colbert rip Cramer the other week. Cramer just sat there looking like he was bitch slapped. The Stewart interview will be on again tomorrow.


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