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Monday, November 17, 2008

LGBTQ: Teh Effect of Teh H8

OK, having been laid off a couple of jobs, your humble blogger would be the last person on the planet to experience, oh, schadenfreude, maybe? Or inappropriate laughter? Or any kind of positive reaction to hearing about how someone lost their job.

Except, maybe, in this case. Because, y'know, it's just too fucking laugh-your-guts-out rich that these monstrous assholes should be losing their jobs BECAUSE they spent so much of their assets pushing hate.

No, seriously. We were thinking irony had up 'n died a lingeringly slow and painful death with the nomination of Sarah Failin' for possible accidental Veep. We are so glad to hear it was only in its last throes but managed to pull off a miracle cure. Oh yes.

What, you ask? What the hell happened? Only this: The Colorado Independent is reporting (via the Huffington Post) that Focus on the Family, James Dobson's oleaginous little band of maroons, as Bugs Bunny might term them, spent so much money trying to convince the yokels to vote for Prop. Hate (the California proposition which passed with a slight margin recently and will strip gay couples of the right to marry, marooning, as it were, those who might already have married in a legal no-man's-land) that they're now laying off 20 per cent of the workforce.

Just two months ago, they had laid off a bunch of people. The half a million dollars they pumped into propping up Prop. Hate ate right through their coffers. Good. It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of bigots. Hey, y'all who tithe or donate to FoF? You could have pooled your dollars and kept, oh, some 20 people in the workforce furthering some real Christian aims or some family-oriented positive stuff instead of, you know, worrying about other people's naughty bits.

Because Prop. Hate is going down to defeat sooner or later. You coulda just lit that money on fire and used it to, I dunno, heat your home? Light your cigar? Or given it to some people who do some REAL good, instead of this bunch of podunk panty-sniffers.

And check out who sits on the board of this hateful organization: None other than Elsa Prince, mother of Erik Prince (yes! The guy who started Blackwater, your friendly neighbourhood mercenary corps!) and Betsy DeVos, who is married to that Amway dude. Momma Prince has buckets of money from her first husband's auto parts company and has used it to fund so-called "socially conservative" issues. Daughter Betsy Boo was the chairman of the Michigan Repulsive party. Momma Prince threw in nearly half a million of her own money to make sure that you and your same-gender partner can't get married.

So, boycott Amway seems to be the first conclusion to draw. And if you get a resume from one of these laid-off FoFers, be sure to put it in the circular file. Don't forget to participate in any action(s) against Blackwater, the Princes, the DeVoses, or Amway.

In other, happy news, the Christian right appears to be losing the battle for the minds and wallets of the people. Apparently, they've consistently failed to meet their fundraising goals of late, have been forced to scale back repeatedly since 2005, and at their last Rally for Hate, drew a mere 10,000 mindwashed morons instead of the 70,000 they announced would turn up.

How about a new book for the new era? We're thinking of a title along the lines of "Dobson Bashing for Queers." Is that a YES?

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At 3:18 PM, Blogger Karla Elisa said...

Another nasty group called Freedom Watch is tanking economically as well.

It's all good.

At 5:48 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh, yes, indeedy. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.


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