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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Terminator Terminates Education

Here in California, we are faced with a severe budget deficit. Our governor, The Terminator, has proposed $4.8 billion in cuts to education resources alone. Yes, that's BILLION. Can you imagine ... I mean ... really stop for a moment and imagine what that is going to do to our schools? There's a good op ed piece in today's Oakland Tribune about this whole thing ... however, I cannot find it online. It's written by several school superintendents in the Bay Area.

Here's an excerpt:
Even in the best of times our school districts are woefully under funded. Education Week magazine recently gave the state a D+ grade for its school funding efforts. California currently spends $2,000 less per student than the national average and ranks 46th in the country in school funding -- behind such less-prosperous states as Louisiana and Mississippi. When the Governor asks California schools to make further cuts, it's like asking a poor family to stop eating to make ends meet; hardly a realistic solution.


And from other sources I've read, it seems like the Governor is not prioritizing his budget -- he's cutting everything all across the budget "to be fair." Shouldn't some things like education be given greater consideration? Isn't educating our children our top priority? Okay, if I can't win you over with moral arguments, what about a practical dollars and cents appeal to baby boomers: Don't we want these children to grow up educated so they can get good jobs, pay lots of taxes, and support us via Medicare and Social Security in our old age?

I'm really disgusted. I mean why should the Governor really care about taking $4.8 BILLION away from our schools? It's all abstract to him. Do his kids go to regular public schools?

Once again it's a case of a rich politician being completely out of touch with what regular folks go through.

And, let me say something to our state legislators: Come on, be creative! Propose something else ... some other solution so that we can save education here in the wonderful state of California!!! If you have a solution, we the people don't know about it. Speak up!! Do your jobs!!!

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