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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Social Justice - Do You Think This Is Right?

Or fair? That a corporate CEO should make as much in a single day as an ordinary worker makes in a year? That's what NBC reports here.

And before you even begin to think to yourself that, after all, a corporate CEO adds much more value to a company's bottom-line than the grunts who do the work, consider this: These are the same crooks and liars, these corporate CEOs, who have destroyed the air your children breathe, the schools in which they are educated, the health care system that prevents their illnesses or treats them, these are the robber barons and scoundrels who drink $10,000 martinis while you go into debt paying for needed surgery; these are the people who sold your home loans into worthless paper instruments that are threatening now to destroy not just your economy but the economy of every other country in the world.

These are the thugs and crooked men who dreamed up schemes to rip the coal out of the veins of the earth, and they didn't mind killing some of your family in the process; who profited from the illegal, immoral war and occupation of a sovereign and unthreatening nation while feeding your soldier sons and daughters contaminated food and water and billeting their executives in fancy hotels while your kids sweated in quonsets in the desert sand. Who joked and laughed about ripping off your grandparents with padded energy bills. Who added impenetrable and incomprehensible language about fees and charges to every transaction you undertook, in the interest of squeezing a few more drops of blood from each of you stones.

We've all worked for CEOs who spent most of their time schmoozing, on the phone, playing golf, flaking off on long "business" lunches, skiving half the time while their paid dogs watched us rack up every hour and minute and extra without pay, just to get our paychecks every month. If you don't know by now that it's the grunts who do most of the work, your name must be George. Or Dick.

These people are not answerable to their minions, the government, such as it is, or their shareholders. It's time to reduce their rates of compensation and make them work for their livings like everyone else.

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