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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Religion - It Makes You Insane Files

My first introduction to YouTube was through this loony tune. Apparently, in real life she's a "nice" person, whatever that means. But this heah rant? I went off religion for life:

She's a complete fucking loon. And I pity that poor little kid, her daughter or granddaughter or whatever. Oh, incidentally, this was from some Faux Noise show about swapping family members - Screamella here traded places with some woman possessed of more brain cells who hosted a radio show and was, apparently, a Wiccan. Participants get paid to do this, and Screamella is shown tearing up the check she received. Later, with less fanfare, she accepted the check after all and had some bariatric surgery. Unfortunately batrachiectomy is not yet an accepted medical offering. She coulda stood one.


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