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Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 Elections: Urk

A timely, reminiscent, painful little video clip about John McCaincient's completely inappropriate sense of humour:

Death, murder, killing, war &mdash these topics are not inherently funny. We use humour to deal with them only as a way to stave off pain. It is pretty clear from McCaincient's latest remark that he finds the idea of killing people he has never seen pretty damned funny.

Sick little punk. And he gets called a "hero" for dropping bombs on civilians from miles away, refusing to obey lawful military orders, and destroying expensive taxpayer-purchased military equipment (crashing multiple planes. While true heroes like Max Cleland, or John Kerry, or Jack Murtha who risked their lives and limbs for their fellow servicemen get trashed by the same GOP swine who weaseled their way out of serving their country with their "other priorities." Which, apparently, included the boil on Rush Limpballs' ass.

So, Senator &mdash when do you plan to vote on Jim Webb's bill to give GIs better benefits? And how? Will you continue to assert that we shouldn't give GIs educational benefits because that would make them refuse to continue going back into the meatgrinder that is Jor Jee's pet war? Incidentally, the bill passed, and the "lazy" Senator McCaincient didn't bother to show up for the vote.

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