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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Politics: Looks Like Deja Vu Again

A quote for the day:
Meanwhile, within the capitalist countries, the internal contradictions of capitalism have created near uncontrollable economic crisis &mdash mounting unemployment and inflation, growing poverty, continuous proletarianization of the labour force, intensification of political surveillance, erosion of democracy and freedom, mismanagement of the state apparatus, militarization of the police force, irreconcilable labour disputes, radicalization of workers and a new militancy of dissidents on all fronts.
Bobby Siu, Women of China, Imperialism and Women's Resistance 1900-1949

An excellent book, but why is it that something published circa 1980 holds such a chilling mirror up to 2008? You'd think the quarter of a century that elapsed between the time Siu wrote his book and we read it would have resulted in substantive change, that is to say progress. Sadly, it appears that we have regressed.

As our dear friend and colleague Ms. Manitoba likes to say, Bush=funtoosh! We can't wait for the day.

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